After a long day at work or a big day at home with the kids, the first thing we want to do is go home and relax, shower or sit on the lounge.  Some of us want to escape with a sip of wine and some want to hide with our most desired treats.

However, if we really want to unwind successfully sitting on the lounge will not cut it for our mind or our body.  Unwinding is actually about relaxing and finding an equilibrium or rebalance.  Relaxation is different to being lazy, it is actually our body’s functioning response to revival.

We must seek to decompress the stresses of our daily lives by relaxing successfully.  We have many stresses not only at work but our travel to work or home and our family lives with all its expectations associated.


Stress is best relieved through movement and breathing. Refreshing our body and mind through meditation, yoga, swimming or a peaceful act of switching our minds off the achievement list and living in the present. It is as simple as drawing on or seeking any mindful moment.

Stress is our biggest health concern it’s connected to high blood pressure, anxiety and seizures. It is often made mention with many cancer patients, stating that they believe that their cancer may be stress related.

Therefore stressing less, and especially at this time of year, is so very important.