Today I come to you on a personal note. I have become acutely aware of my time and where I spend it. I have also become increasingly flattened by certain environments where I have to spend so much of my time. This turmoil sent me into an analytic frenzy of how I can take my power back.

We have all heard the phrase “only you hold the key to your happiness” and while intellectually, I 100% agree with this sentiment, emotionally I can be so drained by my environment that, at times, I have no bandwidth left to take mental control of my happiness. It simply wears me down.

I wake up early around 4 am. I hear the birds chirping and that delicious smell of dawn cascading over the grass. No one else is awake yet, it’s just my little doggie and I. I complete my morning meditation to the sounds of the earth slowly waking, with my doggie on my lap. It’s pure bliss. I then get dressed and go for a long walk on the empty golf course. Just us and nature. The crisp morning air and light mist hug me as I break through the dew with my bare feet. I get back just in time to make my husband, the love of my life, a cup of coffee in bed. We spend 20 minutes just bonding before we start our day.

And then, I have to tear myself away from this bliss bubble and dive right into the “real world”. I have to get past angry drivers, potholes and traffic, only to get to the office where all of my amazing colleagues, customers and patients have also just had to fight the same battles, leaving the work environment incredibly hostile.

Why can’t the “real world” be the bliss bubble? Why can’t I stay there, in that happy and peaceful space? Or how can I bring that happy space with me?

I had to find a solution so I dived into the research and I’m going to share what I found with you in three parts: secret one, two and three.

The first secret to your mobile bliss bubble is…


Secret one: The power of the state of change


Do you have a dog at home?

I have the happiest little dog. Even if he does his business in the house and I shout at him, he will sulk for a minute and then shift right back into absolute glee. Last week we had a few friends over and I was sitting in the garden with one of them watching my dog race around with a level of joy that is tangible. My friend looked at me and said, “People will never be as happy as that dog!”

I was heartbroken by this statement. Why not? We are conscious beings; we should be able to change our emotional state just as easily as a dog. I was reminded of a story that Tony Robbins once told. He had a client coming in with whom he was consulting. The lady walked in looking disheveled, hair all over the place, mascara running, hunched over with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She wasn’t even through the door when the flood gates opened, “My marriage is falling apart, and no matter what I do my salary simply doesn’t get me to the end of the month. It just seems like the world is getting more expensive, but my salary is not going up. The economy is a mess and I can’t sell my house. My kids are growing up way beyond their years, and I just can’t protect them from the internet and cyberbullying. I am powerless.”

Tony Robbins then did something that I would never dream of, he slammed his fist down on the table and in a raised voice exclaimed, “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? THE SESSION HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET?”

The woman got the fright of her life and immediately started laughing and blushing. She put her hands over her mouth and responded with a massive smile, “Oh my goodness! I am so sorry, I didn’t realize. How are you? How is your lovely wife? I noticed that you painted your home, it looks amazing!” She wore the biggest smile and came across so caring and compassionate. She sat up straight and gave Tony a big hug.

He looked at her and smiled, “You see that? You went from being hopeless and crying to laughing, smiling and loving in a split second. IF you could do that now, there is no reason, that at any time of the day where you are feeling sad and hopeless, that you can’t change your state to joy yourself!”

This is your mission for today, should you choose to accept it: CHANGE YOUR STATE

If you are feeling sad or angry or hopeless, find something to change your state. Tony Robbins suggests standing with your arms out, head up to the sky and scream, “My feet don’t stink today!” Just writing that made me giggle and I promise you when I have done this in traffic or in a queue that isn’t moving, I spread that joy to everyone who hears me.

Tell us how you changed your state, and made yourself or strangers smile?

Stay tuned for SECRET NUMBER 2 where you will see how you can increase your ability to make the right decision and take power over the situation when it counts, by up to 45%.

Make your whole world a bliss bubble!


, The 3 secrets to keeping your happinessDr. Pheiffer is the leader in Africa for Medical Biohacking and is pioneering the fields of life extension, youth enhancement and mental and physical optimization in the southern hemisphere.

She has lectured both nationally and internationally for billion dollars per annum companies, as well as locally for the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, and has been a keynote speaker at AMCSA for 3 years. She also hosts a radio health and wellness slot and authors a newsletter to other physicians around the country on the subjects of advanced nutrition, biochemistry, nutrigenomics, as well as functional, integrative and anti-aging medicine, which she is considered a thought leader internationally for.